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Who or what?, Whose?, and so on are part of the basic German grammar and must be known. Although there are only four cases in German (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative) – three less than in Croatian – sometimes difficulties occur. From now on, croDict offers help for everyone who learns German as a foreign language and wants to know the whole range of German Grammar. Visitors can now use a large number of German declined nouns in all four cases in singular and plural – well arranged and easy to understand. The best part is that the declined German nouns are very easy to find. You only need to click the German flag in the dictionary so that the German dictionary is selected, then enter the noun. It doesn’t matter if you use the basic form or an already declined form of the noun. Now submit the search and croDict will do the rest. Within seconds, the German noun will appear in its basic form with the complete corresponding declination. Now you can just read the relevant case with its referring ending and go an searching for another German declination or another word.